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Applications and registrations for the South Central Minnesota Studio ARTour are OPEN and you are invited to register. Registration is open through March 15. If you were in the tour 2021 and/or 2022, you will be juried in automatically upon the completion of your registration and your payment of $140. If you were not in the tour the previous last two years, your application will be held for our jury and notifications of acceptance or not will be delivered by March 31.


Please click here to register and pay. If you have questions, please feel free to let us know.


Barbara Zaveruha, Studio #9

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Our land has restored prairie and woodland, and I collect various grasses and leaves to print on trays and plates.  Oak leaves print well because they are thick and sturdy, and have a variety of shapes.

Right now, all the tall prairie grasses have gone to seed. These are big bluestem. Grasses print best when they are freshly picked.

I roll out a slab, dry it a little between cloths so it isn’t sticky, and then mark the pattern.  These will be small trays.

Then I lay the grasses on the slab where I want to print them, and roll them in with a rolling pin.

Here I add a stalk of Indian Grass and roll it in.

Then the grasses are lifted out, leaving the print.

Then the trays are cut out and formed on a mold.

Everything in the kiln!


Rebecca Tolle, Studio #3

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Cohen’s Last Song, Oil on Canvas




I watched a demonstration on the de Kooning technique of painting on YouTube. It was fascinating. Inspired, the next week I chose my (2) oil colors, a large blank canvas, large brushes and mixed the 2 colors in separate bowls adding in different mediums for a syrupy, runny mixture. The way the paint slipped over the surface of the canvas and over the oil paint was beautiful. The neutral gray at the end added a cohesiveness. This painting is inspired by Leonard Cohen’s song – “You Want It Darker.”

Saturday, Oct. 9th at 1:00 pm, Rebecca will demonstrate this technique during the Studio ArTour.
Studio #3.

Fred Somers, Studio #8

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“ Shimmering “ hold your breath 6 x8 oil on linen cannon valley wilderness.

   Alone moments of being held in Gods breath of shimmering light and sound cadmium glory .


“Cadmiums song” 8×10 oil on linen . Just above twostep spring feed waters gently flow reflecting colors of heaven and falls cadmium glory .


“Held in Hope” 9×12 pastel on Canson poured pigment hard and soft pastel . Autumn leaves held in slow moving waters from deep spring waters flowing over ancient limestone valleys .

Judy Saye-Willis, Studio #7

It is going to be blue…
Check out the video “Seed to Fiber” to see my summer work.
I also did a bit of mark making.






Jessica Prill, Studio #11

I am a silversmith of 10 years.  Nature is my muse and working with raw stones is my passion. I don’t think there is any greater artist than Nature and I work to honor that in all of my work. Each piece of jewelry I create is unique and made with love.

Cheryl Ramette, Studio #13

Many decades ago, I saw a quote: Go To Your Studio and Make Stuff. That’s been my motivation ever since. Just play with materials, and make stuff. I have formal education in drawing and printmaking, but my work with paper, ink, and pencil has been evolving over the past couple of years to include working with natural dyes. Always, my inspiration comes from looking around, seeing patterns in nature, focusing on the detailed layering of color and shape. I most enjoy mixed media as in adding pencil sketching to plant pressings, or combining fabric with paper, wood block printing on plant dyed surfaces, thread versus glue, and rough edges.
Over the past year and a half I’ve also been creating a wall of art masks, which I call Quixotic Quarantine Masks. These are non-functional, although they are sized to fit on the face, made from things I have around, meant to be a whimsical statement on the times in which we are living. You can see the masks in more detail on my website under the heading “Quixotica”. So far only a few friends have been to my studio to see the wall, so I’m excited to share this creation with more people during the ArtTour.
Art Cards continue to be a regular creation, and I’ll have a selection at the ArtTour, particularly new one featuring paper dyed with indigo, turmeric, and hibiscus.
Thank you!
Cheryl Ramette

Lyn Rein and Donna Johnson, studio #12

Greetings from MODNordicArts featuring mother and daughter Donna Johnson and Lyn Rein.  The studio spaces of Lyn’s shown here are looking busy which is a nice way of saying they could use a good cleaning.  We are getting ready for your visit to the she-shed showroom that made its debut on last year’s tour.





Tami Resler, Studio #11

Tami has been making fun, accessible pottery and sculpture for over two decades. “My goal is always to create something that will make the viewer want to know more. Art should be touched, used and enjoyed. I surround myself with art that I love and I hope to provide that same feeling to others.” From functional mugs and lidded containers to purely decorative sculpture, Tami aims to make art that everyone can enjoy.




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