Cheryl Ramette, Studio #13

Many decades ago, I saw a quote: Go To Your Studio and Make Stuff. That’s been my motivation ever since. Just play with materials, and make stuff. I have formal education in drawing and printmaking, but my work with paper, ink, and pencil has been evolving over the past couple of years to include working with natural dyes. Always, my inspiration comes from looking around, seeing patterns in nature, focusing on the detailed layering of color and shape. I most enjoy mixed media as in adding pencil sketching to plant pressings, or combining fabric with paper, wood block printing on plant dyed surfaces, thread versus glue, and rough edges.
Over the past year and a half I’ve also been creating a wall of art masks, which I call Quixotic Quarantine Masks. These are non-functional, although they are sized to fit on the face, made from things I have around, meant to be a whimsical statement on the times in which we are living. You can see the masks in more detail on my website under the heading “Quixotica”. So far only a few friends have been to my studio to see the wall, so I’m excited to share this creation with more people during the ArtTour.
Art Cards continue to be a regular creation, and I’ll have a selection at the ArtTour, particularly new one featuring paper dyed with indigo, turmeric, and hibiscus.
Thank you!
Cheryl Ramette