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Barbara Zaveruha, Studio #9

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Our land has restored prairie and woodland, and I collect various grasses and leaves to print on trays and plates.  Oak leaves print well because they are thick and sturdy, and have a variety of shapes. Right now, all the tall prairie grasses have gone to seed. These are big bluestem. Grasses print best when they are freshly picked. I roll out a slab, dry it a little between cloths so it isn’t sticky, and then mark the pattern.  These will be small trays. Then I lay the grasses on the slab where I want to print them, and roll … Continue reading

Rebecca Tolle, Studio #3

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  Cohen’s Last Song, Oil on Canvas     THE PROCESS: I watched a demonstration on the de Kooning technique of painting on YouTube. It was fascinating. Inspired, the next week I chose my (2) oil colors, a large blank canvas, large brushes and mixed the 2 colors in separate bowls adding in different mediums for a syrupy, runny mixture. The way the paint slipped over the surface of the canvas and over the oil paint was beautiful. The neutral gray at the end added a cohesiveness. This painting is inspired by Leonard Cohen’s song – “You Want It Darker.” … Continue reading

Fred Somers, Studio #8

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“ Shimmering “ hold your breath 6 x8 oil on linen cannon valley wilderness.    Alone moments of being held in Gods breath of shimmering light and sound cadmium glory .   “Cadmiums song” 8×10 oil on linen . Just above twostep spring feed waters gently flow reflecting colors of heaven and falls cadmium glory .   “Held in Hope” 9×12 pastel on Canson poured pigment hard and soft pastel . Autumn leaves held in slow moving waters from deep spring waters flowing over ancient limestone valleys .