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Pottery Artist Glynnis Lessing, studio #3

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Glynnis makes functional high-fired porcelain ware and decorates each pot’s surface using sgraffito with black or colored slips. Designs are drawn free hand; each one is unique. She often covers the surface with slip, draws the design and then carves away what is not  needed for the image.       

Studio Artour artist Jessica Prill will be featured on PBS show called “Lets Go Minnesota” in August

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Studio Artour artist Jessica Prill will be featured on PBS show called “Lets Go Minnesota” in August. The series focuses on an outdoor adventure with an artist. The artist then creates a piece of work in their medium that was inspired by their adventure. Jessica biked the shooting star trail in southern Minnesota and then did a jewelry series inspired by it. It will air Saturday, August 4, 5:30 p.m.; Sunday, August 5, 12 noon; and Tuesday, August 7, 7 p.m. Once it’s aired, it will live on under the Let’s Go, Minnesota!

Darcy Horn The Jade Dog Designs, studio stop #18

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Beads are my clay and paint, my poetry and dance The moment over 18 years ago I first picked up needle, thread, and beads, I knew I had found my medium. What my mind saw I was able to create. The process is introspective, and although I begin a project with a loose idea of the final form, I let the beads and the techniques take over and guide me. I studied both architecture and art history, both of which strongly impact my work in structure and texture. I began my beading career making art-to-wear and successfully run my own … Continue reading