Barbara Zaveruha, Studio #9

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Our land has restored prairie and woodland, and I collect various grasses and leaves to print on trays and plates.  Oak leaves print well because they are thick and sturdy, and have a variety of shapes.

Right now, all the tall prairie grasses have gone to seed. These are big bluestem. Grasses print best when they are freshly picked.

I roll out a slab, dry it a little between cloths so it isn’t sticky, and then mark the pattern.  These will be small trays.

Then I lay the grasses on the slab where I want to print them, and roll them in with a rolling pin.

Here I add a stalk of Indian Grass and roll it in.

Then the grasses are lifted out, leaving the print.

Then the trays are cut out and formed on a mold.

Everything in the kiln!