Hello from Larchill Farm!

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Hello from Larchill Farm!
I am excited to share our beautiful farm with several other artists and the patrons who come out to see us on the tour. We will have a lot of space for social distancing and many creative ways of helping to stay safe and keep warm and dry if the weather calls for that.
Many of my art fairs were cancelled this summer and I had actually hoped to have a little more time this year to have the luxury of exploring but instead, I was very lucky to have several shows already scheduled and a couple more that I was invited to which have kept me very busy.
The show I am currently most excited about is a solo show of my work called “Anthropocene” opening August 22 at the Lanesboro Arts Center in Lanesboro, Mn.
The show will run through October 18th So any leftover work from the exhibit will not be in the artour. However, the show and work will be available online. Just check https://lanesboroarts.org/ .
Here is part of my artist statement for that show:
“Humans were initially successful as a species because we could adapt to our environment. We became so successful we began to adapt our environment to ourselves and have reached the point where we are forcing other animals to adapt to this human-made environment.
I am interested in how animals are doing that now.
Many of my pieces are fanciful imaginings of what could come to be or commentary on things I’ve seen or stories I’ve encountered. My goal is to make people aware that if we are going to share space with other living beings, we need to notice them and respect that they have a right to live also.
What I make becomes a window to the world that I live in and how I experience it.
Ceramics becomes a permanent record of those ideas about that and is given further layers of meaning by being made into quotidian objects in people’s homes; people, use them, look at them, live with them, perhaps think about them.
It is a human ability: making permanent that which is transient.
I am (literally) making solid my experience of existing on this planet right now.”
It’s always inspiring to me to make a cohesive body of work for a show with a overarching concept.
I love making work.
Glynnis Lessing