Judy Saye-Willis welcomes you to Sunset Studios #7

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Judy Saye-Willis welcomes you to Sunset Studios #7 for the 2020 Studio Artour October 9, 10, and 11.
You will be able to see her work in an outdoor setting so everyone can social distance, wear face masks and stay safe.

Her work in recent years has taken on the theme of Natures Gentle Colors and includes textiles, book art and jewelry. Many of the colors in her dyes, paints and ink are made from nature’s materials that she secures locally. Her textiles include wearable art and home décor made from natural fibers and many are organic .

Judy has grown indigo at Tweihoffs Gardens the last two years, extracted the indigo and used it for organic cotton bandannas, 2D prints and jewelry.

She looks forward to seeing you and answering questions about her work and natural dyes during the 2020 Studio Artour.