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Gail Gates, Photographer


Photos can be viewed at (online):

(In person at) Gustaf’s Up North Gallery

Despite what her brothers may say, Gail Gates was NOT dropped on her head as an infant. She simply sees life as stories and possibilities. Thus, her photography style, playfully called “app dancing,” reaches for something juuust a notch off of the familiar.

The most common question she gets is, “This is photography? What? Wow!” Followed by, “How did you DO that?”

Well, in a nutshell…

Her process starts by taking traditional photographs with her Nikon or iPhone.  She then layers those images within iPhone apps and other computer-assisted programs to create something painterly or textured, or impressionistic.

“Over the past six years, I have taken classes in this type of artistic expression from excellent teachers…Lynette Sheppard, Dewitt Jones, Jack Davis, Teri Lou Dantzler, and Dee Kotaska. As technology evolves, so does my work/play. I absolutely love it.”

During the Studio ArTour, you will find Gail and her art at Eureka Pots in Farmington, MN.

This turns into this…

This turns into this…

This turns into this…