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Love of the Subject

I love the prairie and take a lot of photos of the grasses.

Oh, but they are hard to paint! Just looking at the photo below with the various lines, textures and colors are fascinating to me because texture is multi-colored. Such nuances defy easy answers.

It was hard to capture. And really, why put myself thru this ordeal? Maybe the challenge and maybe the love of the subject?

I took an inspiring workshop a year and a half ago that allowed me to add in cold wax to the oil paint, and it opened up a whole new world for me to capture this texture. With using scrapers, chopsticks, brayers, and whisk brooms. Who would have guessed?!

A year and a half later I have produced 45 paintings, about three times more paintings in this technique.

The love of the subject can be found in the work through the nuances of texture of adding in cold wax to the oil paint.

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