Get to know new Studio ArTour artist Joseph Feaster

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Joseph Feaster, Roman5Studios (@ The Upper East Side) studio stop # 15, 213 Central Ave. Faribault MN 55021                  

Joseph has taught art class workshops for Goodwill’s Youthbuild Program in years passed. In these classes, students learn and grow together by creating our own projects to complete. Project topics have included drawing and painting collaborations, photography courses, and mural work. In addition, we would talk about the importance and splendid diversity of artistic options whilst walking through nature.
Other projects (volunteer based) are large public murals in Sioux City, Iowa.

Typically, when creating a painting, Joseph looks at the overall image in layers. Depending on the depth, composition, time-frame, etc, a painting may have as few as 2 layers or as many as 20. In the examples provided, this particular painting has over 25 layers. When building up a painting, he always starts with the intended background and slowly add layers until the final details are placed at the end (top layers.) With this approach, he has discovered an interesting way to create unique color palettes directly on the canvas as he paints. The tricky part, is knowing when to stop adding paint!!!


Joseph always is networking and connecting with local patrons and potential customers to share his artistic skills. He recently has joined a local BNI chapter: Better Business Builders to meet with other entrepreneurs in the Faribault community. Currently, Joseph is applying for a grant to fund a public art project for downtown Faribault. This activity is part of Perception-Artists on Main Street, a partnership between Faribault Main Street, Minnesota Main Street and Springboard for the Arts with support from the Bush Foundation. He hopes to have his project approved for the Faribault public to enjoy this summer!

Joseph says, “I am a pretty normal dude! I live several blocks from my studio on Central Avenue in Faribault. I have three cats, two dogs, and four fish tanks. My yard is almost completely gardened with a variety of flowers and vegetables. I currently work full time in Faribault and “squeeze in” my art on my days off. I hope that will wonderful programs such as this one, I will have more exposure in our community. My dream is to produce my art full time and satisfy my passion for creativity. In short, I can’t do this without you!”

Joseph will be available during the allotted times for Art Tour. Visitors are welcome to take photos, ask questions, and participate if they wish! He is open to sharing ideas and techniques if need be.

Joseph has a wide variety of artwork ranging from illustrations, graphic design, acrylic painting, oil painting, digital illustration, film photography, digital photography, ceramic sculpture, and beadwork. Although he makes many things, his main focus in his artistic career is digital photography and acrylic painting.