Behind Door #7

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By Patsy Dew

October has long been my favorite month of the year, and for the past three years I have spent one October weekend (the ArTour weekend) “behind door #7” as one of the seven artists hosted by Tom and Judy Saye-Willis. I look forward to spending this weekend again in Judy’s studio in the woods, watching the changing light as it filters through the golds, greens and reds.  Last year Judy did a demonstration of the Shibori dyeing process, and I marveled at the beauty of these scarves blowing in the wind. 

I anticipate another fun weekend showing and selling my photographic works, and sharing time with this great group of fellow-artists – Judy Saye-Willis, Tom Willis, Kathy Anderson, Sue Peoples, Joan Herzog  and DeAnn Egvall (she made this dragon)