Artist Demonstrations All over the map!

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Judy Saye-Willis will be doing indigo vat dying demonstrations during the Artour at her studio- Sunset Studio #7
Here is an image of a pale indigo and a clay resist.indigo












Many other artists will be doing demonstrations at their studios too!

Jennifer Wolcott will be doing something with metal at her studio #2

The Trinket Foundry is a fascinating place where they make several types of  very unique  of beads, they will be demonstrating- stop #6

In Studio 18 Mary Beth Coyle shows jewelry and paper monoprints

J.M. Johnson is a painter demonstrating at stop # 19.

Diane Lockerby will be out at studio 10 making pottery

as will Dawn Makarios at studio #13

and also at Prairie Creek Pottery, stop  #9, where Barbara Zaveruha will be doing wheel throwing demonstrations with tools she has made herself.

So if you want to see an artist at work, Please stop by these studios and don’t be afraid to ask questions!