Metal, Fibers, Clay and Jewelry at Studio #2

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The artists all be at work at Studio #2. You can watch and maybe even try your hand.


Ian Baldry

Ian Baldry is bringing her knitting machine so you can see how she gets those delicate patterns in the wristlets and the complex three dimensional stitching in her scarves.

Emily Haskell works in clay using the slab technique to build funky little houses and masks. She will also be demonstrating and might let you get your hands dirty. We have a restroom so you can clean up afterwards.


Emily Haskell


Heather Lawrenz


Heather Lawrenz will undoubtedly be making earrings and trying to keep up with demand for her recycled leather pieces. If you have a leather belt or purse you no longer need you can donate it to her material stash.

Then there are her twice recycled bottle cap earrings. She uses the parts left over from the Trinket Foundry, (studio #6), bottle cap flowers.  Talk about no waste!


Jennifer Wolcott

Jen Wolcott will have the twisting machine ready for you to twist your own grass sticks. You don’t get to weld the angle iron on the end but you can watch. If you ask nicely you can even try the plasma cutter, (adults only please).