Tangletown Gardens and Redoux Home feature Jennifer Wolcott

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Garden sculpture "Belly"

Industrielle Arch













There is an article on Jennifer Wolcott, (Studio #2), in the July issue of Redoux Home. The article, titled “Steel in the Garden”, talks about Jennifer’s large steel garden sculptures. Some of them are functional pieces to stylishly support climbing plants or floppy chrysanthemums, and others are pure whimsy like the Steel Magnolias. The latest version of the Magnolias includes a post in the center for mounting Colleen Riley’s (studio #1) ceramic orbs.

In her latest work, Jennifer incorporates fused and sandblasted glass with diamond plate steel in the style she calls “Industrielle” part delicate, part tough.

“I work with the vocabulary resulting from the materials and the processes.  I observe and discover rather than design and try to force the outcome. It has led to an array of organic forms made up of geometric bits and pieces. I’m always noticing new elements out of the corner of my eye.”

The steel sculptures “sit down” naturally among the green leaves and branching structures of a garden. Last month, Jennifer was an Artist in the Garden of Erika and Dan Tallman in the Northfield Garden Club’s garden tour. She has been invited to be an artist in one of the gardens on the Tangletown Gardens’ Garden & Art Tour July 23rd this year.  Which garden? Nobody knows yet. The tour will include gardens in the neighborhood around 50th and Xerxes. Watch for more information at tangletowngardens.com.

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