Studio 7: Sunset Studios * Also Open Friday, Oct 8 from 4-8 * Studio handicap accessible

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10754 Farrel Ave
Northfield, MN 55057

GPS: 44.43129,-93.178024
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Judy Saye-Willis

I am a visual artist and my work is my voice. The materials I use are sourced from nature and the earth. I immersed myself in my surroundings and found excitement and inspiration from nature, human ingenuity and everything around me.

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Tom Willis

I am a potter and I go to my studio to have quiet conversations with myself. The clay, the skill and craftsmanship of my work provide unlimited possibilities. There are as many pots to make as there are pictures to paint. 

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Patsy Dew

My life with the camera has been an interplay of seeing something interesting, recording that, and then exploring new ways to see that scene, object or person. Favorite subjects: close-ups of nature; light; water in all its forms; candid shots of people. I use my images to create one-of-a-kind books and boxes, most recently out of polymer clays.

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DeAnn Engvall

I love the transformation of clay and glaze in the fire. In raku firing, it is a dramatic and unpredictable birth that makes each creation unique and magical.

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Kathy Anderson

Inspired by the Saori philosophy of “weave from your heart,” my work can be calm and controlled to quite energetic and carefree. Just depends on the day! While I have a general idea where I might be headed with a piece when I start warping the loom I am always open to the nudges that can send it in a whole new direction as I play with color and texture.


Michelle Ahlers

Michelle Ahlers creates her jewelry in her studio just outside of Faribault on her flower farm, where she draws much of her inspiration. Demichellah Jewelry collections reflect a balanced earthy feel with such names as, ‘out of the blue’ ,  ‘golden Harvest’ , ‘from the sea’ ,& ‘Naturals’. Michelle uses mixed metals, semi-precious stones, wood, glass and other elements.

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