Studio 7: Sunset Studio * Also Open Friday, Oct 12 from 4-8 * Studio handicap accessible

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10754 Farrel Ave
Northfield, MN 55057

GPS: 44.43129,-93.178024
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Judy Saye-Willis

I have a natural curiosity for color, nature and the cultural bridges that bind us together. I try to design work that speaks to human condition. 

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Tom Willis

I am a potter and I go to my studio to have quiet conversations with myself. The clay, the skill and craftsmanship of my work provide unlimited possibilities. There are as many pots to make as there are pictures to paint. 

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Kathy Anderson

Inspired by the Saori philosophy of weave from your heart, I love to experiment with color and texture.  The result?  One of a kind rugs, runners, scarves and clothing.


Christie Clarke

My slab-built low-fire clay vessels and boxes are part of a continuing experiment in creating simple objects that have a timeless look; both ancient and modern. I am interested in revealing texture and color in multiple layers with a dry and matte glazed surfaces.

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Patsy Dew

It’s what I see.  At its best, my work also conveys what I feel. The camera and I don’t always agree, which starts a conversation, and I learn something new about the world. 

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DeAnn Engvall

I love the transformation of clay and glaze in the fire. In raku firing, it is a dramatic and unpredictable birth that makes each creation unique and magical.

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Julie Nordine

FIRE is pretty mesmerizing on its own, but then add to that GLASS. Beautiful, colorful glass. Molten. Manipulatable. Fabulous. As a glass artist, I have the distinct satisfaction in knowing that I’ve created these beautiful little works of art with my own two hands!

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Sue Peoples

I am a jewelry artist with a keen sense of design. I create glass beads and incorporate my lampwork beads into finished jewelry pieces. Working with glass and fire is meditative for me. When the light dances across the glass it allows me to get the bright and exciting colors that I love.

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