Studio 17: Paradise Center for the Arts *Also Open Friday 4-8 pm * Studio handicap accessible

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321 Central Avenue N
Faribault, MN 55021

GPS: GPS: GPS: 44.293937,-93.2682534
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Julie Fakler

Julie Fakler creates vibrant original domestic animal portraits in clay and acrylic paint. She received individual artist grants from the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council in 2011, 2014, 2017, and Creative Support for Individuals grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board in 2021, 2023. Fakler is the Executive Director at the Paradise Center for the Arts.

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Char Johnson

As an artist, via mediums of photography, clay and animal fiber, my work focuses on the small details often overlooked by others. I strive to elicit in others an appreciation for the less obvious and to encourage others to take a closer look at the natural world and the wonder of animal life that surrounds us every day.

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Johnnie Walker

Pottery, for me, is a medium of exploration and discovery. It is a tactile journey that involves not just creating forms but also a search for new possibilities. I am fascinated by the interplay of breaking and moving glazes on the surface of my pieces, as they accentuate the form and textures, adding depth and character. Each piece I create is a result of this quest for new forms and challenges. I am constantly pushing the boundaries of my craft, experimenting with shapes and techniques.

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Tyler Bakken

Tyler is a self taught artist born and raised in southern Minnesota. Her art is based around mental health awareness. Her original artwork is unique due to painting dark things and using vibrant colors to convey pulling the light out of the darkness. Tyler also creates handmade jewelry ranging from wire wrapped pendants to simplistic styles that suit all of her clients.

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