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27607 Grenada Ave
Farmington, MN 55024

GPS: 44.549316,-93.225346
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Colleen Riley

I strive to make functional pieces that are elegant, yet comfortable for use and inviting to the touch. My work celebrates the historic ceramic tradition of employing decorative botanical themes, while making an intimate connection to my surroundings. The raw piece serves as a canvas to build imagery, layers, textures and color. Atmospheric firing gives a rich, aged quality to the clay’s surface. It adds an element of surprise, challenging me and ensuring that each piece is lively and unique.

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Donovan Palmquist

I have been making pots for over 48 years. Currently, I make pots part-time and am the owner of Master Kiln Builders. I received my MFA in Ceramics at the University of Minnesota in 1988. I have exhibited work nationally and have received numerous grants and awards. My primary interest is high-fire functional work, with a current focus on thrown and altered vessels in atmospheric (soda/salt and wood) firings.

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Gail Gates

Photography, an interest since childhood, re-emerged as a growth area in midlife. Landscapes, nature, architecture, and some portraiture are favorite subjects. Presently, creating impressionistic photography through the use of iPhone apps has me excited. Taking a familiar image and coaxing an emotion to emerge is the fun, and the goal, of all I do. I’m not a formally trained artist. But I see, feel, and nurture the curiosity that is intrinsic to my being.

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Wendy Eggerman

I make pottery to brighten your day and elevate the moment.
My inspiration is found in the kitchen and enhanced by my love of antiques, especially hobnail glass. One thing I particularly enjoy about antiques is how they subtly record the past. Objects record their story with every stain, scratch, rust, tarnish, and carry that with them. I work to create functional pottery with a depth that will be revealed over time and use.

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