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27607 Grenada Ave
Farmington, MN 55024

GPS: 44.549316,-93.225346
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Colleen Riley

Ceramics for the kitchen, home, and garden. Wheel-thrown and altered stoneware, fired to 2340F in a gas kiln. Rich surfaces are built up with layers of wax resist, underglazes, engobes and glazes

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Donovan Palmquist

I am a potter and collector of objects. I have a large collection of primitive metal pouring cans and cast iron plumb bobs – over 100 pieces. My interest in these objects comes not only from their function but also from the beauty of their forms and the patina on their surfaces. Wear from use reveals their forms in a way that was never originally intended. Plumb bobs are shaped like pots and functionally they find “center.” I try to capture that energy in my pots.

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Gail Gates

Photography, an interest since childhood, re-emerged as a growth area in midlife. Landscapes, nature, architecture, and some portraiture are favorite subjects. Presently, creating impressionistic photography through the use of iPhone apps has me excited. Taking a familiar image and coaxing an emotion to emerge is the fun, and the goal, of all I do. I’m not a formally trained artist. But I see, feel, and nurture the curiosity that is intrinsic to my being.

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Annie Larson

Being creative is like a puzzle. I love working and re-working a piece of jewelry by mixing old pieces with new components until everything falls into place. As I learn new skills, I look forward to seeing how my art will evolve. 

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