Studio 13: Dee Teller * Also Open Friday, Oct 11 from 4-8 * Studio handicap accessible

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5555 232nd Street West
Warsaw, MN 55021

GPS: 44.252803,-93.3761033
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Dee Teller

I feel a kinship with the painters, poets and calligraphers of Asia’s rich cultural past. My paintings are an expression of my feelings, my experience, my chi/energy, and some magic. Using the sumi brush, rice paper, ink and watercolors I can express my spirit. With these tools I try to capture “The Breath of Life.”

I studied at an art academy in Hangzhou, China in 1987, and with Horse Master Lok Tok for 17 years. In 2009, I co-led a group of artists through China. I have won international and national awards on Calligraphy & Horses; I teach privately and at Art Centers.

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Tom Teller

I turn green wood and enjoy trying to find shapes that enhance the grain of the wood. Each different wood has its own special challenges that have to be learned to achieve the best effect. Mesquite is probably my favorite and is always full of surprises.

Susanne Crane

I create acrylic paintings incorporating mixed media, often in montage format. I refer to them as “hybrid paintings” due to their sculptural relief elements. Most of my work centers on the visual exploration of a universal language of symbols often in a magical or theatrical storytelling context; I paint my dreams.

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Theresa Harsma

Nearly everything is potential art fodder. The process of creating an art piece involves collecting materials, arranging, assembling, and stitching to create a piece that often surprises as it moves from its original intention to manifest what it wants to be.

Chris Nowatzki

I try to make work that reflects movement and form. I have worked with many firing methods over the years and try to make work that translates that message regardless of the firing method. After close to 40 years of making pots, I still get a thrill when something special comes out of the kiln.

Sue Peoples

I am a jewelry artist with a keen sense of design. I create glass beads and incorporate my lampwork beads into finished jewelry pieces. Working with glass and fire is meditative for me. When the light dances across the glass it allows me to get the bright and exciting colors that I love.

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